In 1861, Julius Sturgis founded America’s first pretzel bakery in Lititz, PA. More than 150 years later, his descendants are still hard at work turning a few wholesome ingredients into crisp, tasty treats at both the original location and their primary distribution center (Tom Sturgis Pretzels) in Reading, PA.
In an effort to grow our working relationship with Tom Sturgis Pretzels, I had the opportunity to conceptualize and develop a capabilities proposal of additional merchandise to offer at their two unique locations.
The research and development stages began by learning more about the long history and culture of the company and sourcing both original visuals from the company and modern design inspiration to better envision a blend between the company's existing style and the modern aesthetics of souvenir retail. Collage boards are shown below. 
After initial research, two aesthetic directions were formed. One, that would focus on the nostalgia of the Julias Sturgis Bakery and the traditional methods behind their notorious pretzels. And two, a collection for the love of pretzels, highlighting the Tom Sturgis brand. Progressed idea boards are shown below featuring visual direction and possible merchandise items.
Julias Sturgis Era Collection: A historically styled merchandise collection inspired by the Julius Sturgis Bakery Experience. Historical graphics, original signage and their unique line of products were used as inspiration for custom illustrations and engaging designs. Muted tones and refined textures keep the aesthetic nostalgic while witty verbiage and smart concepts modernize the collection. This collection would be sold exclusively at the Julias Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, located in Lititz, PA.
For the Love of Pretzels: A modern personality driven collection inspired by Tom Sturgis. Playful messages driven by a pretzel lover’s twist on life, give this edgy collection attitude and marketability. Contemporary, rich colors and textures accompany unique, pretzel inspired illustrations and patterns, bringing together both brand recognition and modern trends.
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