Mentors for Berks Youth was in need of a visual refresher for both everyday use and their annual fundraising event. Utilizing their existing logo, a collection of social media graphics and print collateral was designed to get the word out about all the amazing programs and work they do, and better advertise to potential mentors.
A bright, engaging color pallet to liven up their messages and bold, straightforward typography to clearly inform those of their mission to improve the lives of young and old was established. Social media posts, advertising billboards, an informative brochure, and flyer were created along with invitations and a mailer for their annual fundraising event.
This redesign was created over a 24 hr period during a team design challenge known as Designation. The experience is both challenging and exciting when working collectively as a team of 2-5 designers to create work both client and designer can be proud of.
Social media graphics
Print collateral including brochure, flyer, mailer and an invitation to their annual fundraiser
Informative brochure
Call to action flyer
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