The Roland Versa UV Wide Format Printer shown below, was used to print a variety of comps for a number of clientele in a range of quantities. My working knowledge of file preparation and technical skills went into creating these and many more prototypes for trade shows, photo shoots and consumer testing. A variety of printing effects and materials have been used to create such pack types including; die cutting, gloss embossing, heat sealants, spray paints, adhesive vinyl, clear poly films, adhesive and non-adhesive foils, corrugated board and flute types, and many more.
*A number of these comps were created for testing purposes as a crucial part of the design and marketing process and will not be found in stores as live product.*
Clear poly film bags
Clear poly film bags with adhesive foil backing
Foil substrate
Adhesive vinyl applied to a variety of corrugated substrates
Adhesive vinyl applied to a variety of poster board thicknesses
Multi media comps: utilizing adhesive vinyl, poster board, craft string, color matched spray paint
Left (1st): Adhesive vinyl die cut labels with embossed gloss printing effect
Right (2nd): A variety of material test samples: clear poly film, clear acetate, select matte paper
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