I come from an artistic family where being creative and problem solving was woven into my DNA. My passion for Art and Design, along with my eagerness to learn has propelled my growth and career as a designer. With a major in communication design, concentrating in graphic design and a minor in art history, my skill set is broad and diverse. I push to explore fresh perspectives and expand my creativity and skills with every design opportunity. 
My knowledge in art history provides me with a deep pool of references and inspiration to pull from when tackling each creative project. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and giving each design a unique and personal touch it needs to stand apart. I have a passion for print design, including branding, packaging, and editorial.
I aspire to work for a creative and innovative design studio where I am able to integrate my unique experiences and fresh perspectives to the exciting work being produced. With a respect for great design, and ambition to learn more, I am open to new and exciting design opportunities. 
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